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Here is a site with a few nice photos and stories about Mokau

The History of Mokau’s River Sunken Barge

There has been over seven ships sank in or close to the Might Mokau River.   This story is about one of them.





 what Wikipedia has on Mokau - Mokau River  


We have added a large number of historic photo's into our Gallery about Mokau River and Taranaki  Please visit the Gallery and also look at some photos taken over the last few years. If you want to share any photos please email them to us or just drop them into the Whittaker family house in Mokau


Taranaki Pukeariki Website and a story about  Ian Whittaker

Taranaki museum Web Site

New Zeanalnd Goverment website





On the South side of the Mokau River raises a hill of conical shape, some 500 feet high, its name “Pukekahu”. It was used as a beacon, a bale-fire was lit which denoted the coming of hostile forced from the north and, gave warning to many a pa, to be alert, as far south as Pukearute.