The difficult of pioneering days in North Taranaki, are recalled by Mrs. Elizabeth Ann O’Donnell,


In 1895, Elizabeth, her Husband and 6 children moved to the isolated district in North Taranaki.


Early times the only way in or out was by walking, pack- horse and canoe.


Their first home was a Tent fly with a hollow log for a chimney. Cooking was done of a camp oven.


The next house was a Ponga Whare. It was in this house that the first post office in the district was established.


The third home was a wooden building that became famous as the Tongapoutu boarding house, which served travelers for about 30 years. Guests were always welcome weather they could pay or not.


Mrs. Elizabeth Ann O’Donnell lived in the district for 53 years until her death at the age of 84; she is survived by 8 sons and 3 daughters.