Here are the Tide times for Port Taranaki in New Plymouth.


These time are + or - 5 minutes of the true NZ standard Tide table as they are computer generated with a Internet tool


Mokau is about 10 minutes behind Port Taranaki New Plymouth tide.  This is because Mokau is north of New Plymouth but South of Waitomo (in the king country) and Hamilton.  Check out our Directions and maps pages for more information

We try to sail near high tides as this give you the best view of the river and makes for safe easy sailing.  We can sail on other tides but we have to limit the trip to two hours.


This information is given as a guide only and "Mokau River tours" accepts no responsibility for it accuracy or action made using this information. Do not use this data for navigatiion or any activity that can result in harm to anyone or anything

Mokau River tide graph

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