A Mokau Whitebait Fisherman invents a new New Zealand sport of Possum Fishing.

This is a True fishing story.  We go it directly from the Mokau Fisherman him self when he did a trip with us.

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In Mokau several years ago a local fisherman invented a new sport.


One day he was out fishing for Whitebait off his stand on the Mokau River.  The fisherman's stand is about 1K lower down the river from the MV Glenroyal in moored.   About another 100 meters down the river from the fisherman's stand is where a very large slip came down on this otherwise peaceful day.  This causes a great amount of noise and sent water everywhere as many very large trees on the side of the river fell into the water.   Several minutes later, after the fisherman thanked the fishing god for his life and hi Whitebait stand was still standing, several objects started to pop to the surface of the river.   It took him some time to work out what they were as he never seen a fish like this anywhere, but one he did he started to use his Whitebait net to catch these very stand fish.


Possum in NZ are a large bush animal bigger than a cat. 

These animals live and eat the local native trees and birds eggs. Their hunger for fresh food has cause large area in NZ forests and around Mokau to die. DOC has classified them as a New Zealand pest. Their fur is use in make coats and other fur products as it is not itchy like wool. 


Now back to the story.  Possum feed at night and sleep during the day. So every morning they climb up the nearest tree and find a cosy spot in the tree branches. When the slip happened they were still in the tall trees sleeping. After their quick ride and an unexpected swim, they surfaces in the middle of the river. 

Just like fish.